Creating Distressed Wood Coffee Table

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Distressed Aqua Shabby Coastal Coffee Table
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You can easily create a distressed wood coffee table on your own out of your wooden coffee table. As a matter of fact other furniture as long as they are made of wood could be altered to have a distressed wood look. You will have to prepare a couple of things including sandpaper, paintbrush, small containers or cans to mix paints, foam brush, paper towels, and also paints in two different shades.

Begins creating your distressed coffee table by lightly sand the whole surface of the table. The sanding process is needed to make the wood capable of absorbing more paint later on. Once you have sure that all surfaces have need sanded, go to the next step which is determining the best shade of paint that you like. Flip over the table and use the underside of the table to do a bit of experiment with the paints. Once you have found the right shade then you could start painting. Apply the first layer of paint using the darker shade and let it dry for 24 hours.

Distressed Wood Coffee Table with Shelf

Create a mixture of the lighter shade of the paint and water until it is thin and like a wash but make sure that it does not bubble when applied. Use foam brush to apply the mixture. Use the paper towels right when the paint is still wet to get a more rustic look. Once you have done in all parts leave it for 24 hours and you have finished in making your own distressed wood coffee table.

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