DIY Small Coffee Tables Ideas

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Small Coffee Tables 2013
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You can create unique looking small coffee tables using old soda crates made of wood. In the making of this table you will need several tools including tape measure, chop saw, jigsaw, drill, level, square, clamps and also paintbrush. Furthermore you will also need some materials including the wooden soda boxes, plywood, hardwood, wood screws, paint, tempered glass, clear pads, and also wood scraps. Once you have all of the materials and tools you can start the project by lining up the boxes to determine the size of the table then attach the boxes using plywood at the bottom.

After the boxes for the top part of the small glass coffee tables are attached, start making the legs using hardwood. Make sure to do the correct measurement before actually cutting the wood to avoid getting wrong sized legs. Once the legs are ready, attach them to the top part of the table using screws and the help of the drill along with glue as well if necessary.

Small Coffee Tables on Wheels

Until this part you are basically done in making the table. Next thing to do is to do a bit of touch up and finishing par to beautify the look of the table. Paint it with any color you desired. Then you can place things that you want to display inside the wooden box or to part of the table now. Last thing to do is to place the tempered glass on top of the boxes. Now you have small coffee tables with display on it as well.

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