Eclectic Look of Tree Stump Coffee Table

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Modern stump furniture coffee table
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Having its own uniqueness and durability, tree stump coffee table has been popular among house furniture option. Somehow, the look can be applied to any style of interior decor. It is unique enough to be an accent to a minimalist room, and it is also stylish enough to be placed in a rustic styled house. The distinctive look of this coffee table looks best when combined with the right furniture and rugs to go with.

Tree trunk table means that it is made from whole section of a tree log. The natural way of how the wood textured and shaped is what makes this table very popular. Bigger tree trunk table even has a heavy amount of natural weight because of the quality of the wood; this kind of tree trunk table should be modified with casters to make it easier to move. Tempered glass that complement the size of the wood often used on top of the trunk to give it a more even surface as a table.

Tree Trunk Coffee Table

The model of this tree stump coffee table is in fact has many variation. All of the design is focusing in getting out the natural quality of the wood with smallest modification possible. The tree trunk can be cut in a usual section and placed upright or downright especially when the section is closer to the roots, placing the trunk in the right direction or inverted can make a big difference on the appearance. The trunk that is used can be solid or hollow; each of them has different quality to offer.

Random Photo Gallery of Eclectic Look of Tree Stump Coffee Table

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