Elegant Leather Coffee Table

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Leather Coffee Table with Storage
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If you are aiming for an elegant look on your living room, you might find the leather coffee table will be just the thing you need. The leather and button that the coffee table usually has will give a sophisticated and masculine look for your space especially when it is dark colored. It can easily match with rustic furniture or leather sofa. The ottoman style is the most common style used in leather table.

The ottoman style features a square bench like leather coffee table. To make the surface even, sometimes matching wood or silver trays are placed on top of it. Another style of the leather table is the round leather coffee

Round Leather Coffee Table

Table has the same bench like appearance with leather button in the middle. With ranging color from authentic leather, you can now have your leather table covered in any colors you like. Match the leather with the color of the woods you are using to get the perfect leather table.

Getting a dark colored leather coffee table sure will give a serious and masculine look for your space. Otherwise, if you want to go for a brighter and feminine look you can try white or red instead. Always make sure that you use trays before you put hot coffee glass on top of the table because heat can damage your leather. Wipe it regularly with damp cloth or you will neat to polish it from time to time. Even though considered as long lasting, a leather coffee table sure will need more care and maintenance.

Faux Leather Coffee Table

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