Simple Accented Parsons Coffee Table

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Parsons coffee table ideas
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The use of parsons coffee table which have a simple yet nice look at the same time could really goes well in any interior decoration. The fact that this particular type of coffee table does not have too many decorations on it makes it easily acceptable by many people. It is also the reason that there are so many manufacturers created their own product of this particular table.

One option of the parson’s coffee table black is the one found in Walmart with only $29 of the price. It is sleek with contemporary accent all over it in rich black finish. It could also go well with such elegant interior design. The surface of the table is so spacious and easy to clean with just a damp cloth. Furthermore the spacious area on top of the table could be useful in dealing with such magazines, remotes, newspapers, books, Smartphone, and other things as well. It is also easy to assemble out of the package with no such tools required.

Modern Parsons Coffee Table

There is another option which is created by West Elm with $199 of the price. The price is not as affordable as the previous example but it has the sturdier look out of its large sized materials used. The top area is easily cleaned that makes it stay clean all the time. This parsons coffee table from West Elm also has an additional storage area beneath the top level that you can use to store your magazines, newspapers, and also books as well.

Random Photo Gallery of Simple Accented Parsons Coffee Table

Parsons coffee table Parsons coffee table black.png Blue parsons coffee table with round corners and legs Parsons navy blue coffee table West Elm Parsons Storage Coffee Table Parsons Black End Coffee Table IKEA Parsons Coffee Table Modern Parsons Coffee Table Parsons Coffee Table by Martha Stewart White parsons coffee table.png Unique Parsons Coffee Table Design Parsons Console Table with Travertine Top 427256 MADERA COFFEE TABLE Popular Parsons Coffee Table Design Parsons coffee table ideas Mystic Blue Parsons Coffee Table

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