Sophisticated Look Travertine Coffee Table

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Travertine Coffee Table by Paul McCobb
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Travertine is a natural stone from the limestone family. Like granite and marble, it has its own texture and pattern in each piece of travertine. Even though it is fairly strong enough, travertine needs more gentle maintenance than granite and marble. Travertine has been used for table tops, tubs and floorings in many houses. With a range of beautiful distinctive colors, it can also make a good travertine coffee table.

Travertine has two option of finish, the matte and polished. Any travertine furniture with any kind of travertine needs to be sealed every once in a while to keep its performance. The travertine stone colors ranged from beige, tan to reddish brown. With the wide variation on the color and texture, having travertine as a coffee table top can make your living room even more special. You can combine it with fine wood furniture or sleek cast iron table to get different effect on the furniture appearance.

Tempo travertine coffee table

Albeit the good look, taking care of the travertine coffee table is quite tricky. Exposing the travertine with cold or hot glass will easily harm the travertine, so the use of serving tray is highly recommended. Keeping the surface dry is also necessary to avoid the water to be absorbed by the travertine which can ruin the texture. Above all, the look of travertine is what many people search for when they decide to use it as their coffee table top. It offers an elegant and beautiful look even when combined with matching sofa and rugs.

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